Complete Guide about Migraine and Its Treatment

Headache is the most common type of pain felt by people throughout the world and many people miss their work or other appointments only due to headache. Although people may get headache due to various reasons but all the headaches are not same. Among the commonest reasons for headache is tension because of tight muscles in the neck, jaw, or shoulders.

Anxiety, stress or depression also can lead to headaches. Headaches caused by not having food on time, drinking alcohol, less sleep, overexertion, or hormonal changes can be cured simply by medicines but if you are getting frequent headaches or migraine type pain, you need to consult a migraine specialist. If you are staying in Dublin, finding the best clinic for migraine treatment in Dublin will be a thoughtful idea because sometimes migraine is not just a headache but can be some serious neurological problem which you will come to know only by visiting a migraine consultant.

  1. What is Migraine and Its Symptoms: Although headache may seem to be a very simple pain, but if it is migraine, it can lead to a number of problems and the patient may feel disabled to fulfill his/her routine works. Most of the people take the migraine just as severe headache but it is more than that. Other than headache, a patient may experience some other symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to loud noises, and bright lights.

A migraine patient may feel severe and throbbing pain which is mostly on one side of the head. The patient may experience migraine up to a couple of days and generally it happens in the mornings. Some people even experience visual disturbances such as blind spots, twinkling effects, bright lights or flashing, just before they migraine starts.

  1. Doctors to Consult: If you have just started experiencing migraine pain, at first you can consult a doctor at primary health care centers. In Galway, depending on the problem, you may be suggested to visit the best clinic for migraine treatment in Galway. Most of the times, seeing the condition of the patient, doctors suggest to visit a neurologist especially one who is migraine specialist. In big cities like Dublin, you may find a sub-specialized neurologist who will be more appropriate to treat migraine.
  1. Diagnosis: While finding the root cause of the migraine, a specialist will try to look into the activities that can trigger migraine. You may not feel that handicapped when you have activity headache which can be due to tension but with migraine pain, the other symptoms like stress, also become worse to handle for the patient. You do not feel like working or you don’t even want to work in the kitchen. Since migraine can be caused due to a number of reasons, the specialist has to check all the aspects that can lead to migraine.

Treatment: There are two types of treatments for migraine: abortive and preventive. Abortive treatment is given to the patient when he/she is already experiencing the migraine but in preventive the specialist will give you the medicines that will prevent migraine. Your doctor may prescribe you some medicines also to check the other symptoms.

If you are also facing the same problem of migraine, you can have an appointment with Dr. Mona Mubarak at Chronic Pain Consultant in Dublin & Galway.

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