Most Typical Factors Affecting Usability in Mobile Database Integration

Mobile Application Developers frequently over look the very first thing known as “Usability” when they develop any mobile application. Usability associated with a mobile application serves very crucial role in mobile database integration, as success associated with a mobile application heavily depends upon its usability.

The problem of usability in mobile database integration rise because of not too tailored or predefined algorithm for figuring out usability associated with a mobile application. Also, everyday there are many cellular devices launched with various configurations and screen sizes, which enhance the difficulty level for mobile application developers to build up highly functional application which could operate on any mobile phone effortlessly.

Listed below are some most typical factors, which affect usability in mobile application development:-

• Most typical factor affecting usability is continually different screen sizes of various cellular devices! Daily countless new smartphone devices launched with various resolution, making nearly impossible for application developers to produce application which could run easily on any cellular devices.

• Small fonts may reduce usability of the application! Every device has predefined font size, that makes it hard for developers to create fonts for his or her applications making their application more user-friendly.

• Poor combination of color mixture of application! Every developer wishes their application to become unique and eye appealing and to do this they will use highly contrasted color combinations, making application less functional for that mobile phone users.

• Not too obvious button functionalities of application! Many developers frequently develop application getting very complicated process for navigation within application through buttons as well as does not provide any guidelines for implementing buttons within application, making application very less functional.

• Inadequate understanding of mobile phone & database integration platform, that developers develop application! It common for novice developers to leap straight into growth and development of mobile apps without getting proper understanding about platform they will use or what sort of devices could be suited to applications, screen resolutions and much more. Applications developed with partial understanding of fundamental things could cause poor usability from the application.

• Over smartness of utilizing some unusual and fewer common functions in application! Like a fresher in mobile application development, it’s very present with get excited and developing application with a few unusual and fewer common functionalities not understanding if the devices supports such functionalities or otherwise, which in the finish leads poor supports from devices in addition to make sure they are terrible to gain access to application and lower usability too.

Developing applications for a number of devices might be very difficult. It really is difficult to create application which could easily operate on any devices. But by continuing to keep above pointed out usability issues, it’s possible to easily create highly functional mobile apps.

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