Six Of the Best Disposable Vape Flavours for You to Try

Disposable vapes now sit on store counters alongside other impulse items such as confectionery and chewing gum. How did we get here? The disposable vape pen is a hugely significant part of the vaping revolution. Consisting of a charged battery, a sealed tank filled with a flavoured e-liquid and an on/off switch to activate the vaping action. The disposable vape is popular for many reasons, which include its use as a recommended form of nicotine replacement for those looking to give up smoking. This short piece will both let on to some of the best flavours that are satisfying today’s vapers and highlight why they are so popular.

Six Super Flavours

The choice when choosing a disposable flavour is almost endless, but in today’s marketplace, these offerings are particularly popular –

  1. Elf bar Blue Razz Lemonade – this is an awesome taste from the super range of elf bar flavours that are popular with vapers. It is an expert blend of blue raspberries and citrusy lemonade.
  2. True Bar Red Bull Strawberry – this is an excellent disposable flavour with a fruity disposition that mixes sweet strawberry and tangy red bull with great results.
  3. Nasty AirFix Blackcurrant Cotton Candy – this unique flavour will awaken your taste buds with a superb mix of juicy blackcurrants and sweet cotton candy.
  4. Dinner Lady Bubble gum Ice – this delightful flavour for an award-winning brand is a fruity and fragrant combination that mixes a blast of bubble gum with smooth menthol to produce a great vape.
  5. Geek Bar Watermelon Ice – this mouth-watering vape mixes the freshness and flavour of watermelon with stabs of cooling menthol. It’s refreshment royalty in vape form.
  6. IVG Pineapple Grapefruit Ice – a tasty blend of intense tropical flavours creates the perfect exotic summertime taste in a superb disposable.

Superb For Many Reasons

The many disposable vape pens are hugely popular with vapers for many different reasons, which include –

  • Cost Saving – disposable vapes are significantly cheaper than cigarettes and when compared to other more advanced vape devices.
  • Compact Size – The small size of a disposable means they are popular with vapers who do not want to carry too much in pockets or bags.
  • Range Of Flavours – similar to the e-liquid used in refillable devices, there are many flavours that cater to all.
  • Easy to Use – The design, with no refilling of e-liquid, changing of used coils, or recharging, means they are excellent for newer vapers starting out on their vaping journey.
  • The Smoking Sensation – The vaping style of a disposable successfully reproduces the sensations of smoking cigarettes, meaning they are an excellent starting point for those looking to give up smoking.
  • Backup Device Option – Many vapers have a secondary vape device as a backup to their main refillable vape; a disposable vape is an excellent option in this situation.

These are some of the reasons the disposable vape device will continue to be a crucial component of the vaping revolution and push their continual improvement.

There are many fantastic flavours of disposable vape pens out there to choose from and enjoy; part of the appeal is the wealth of choice in today’s vaping marketplace. Disposable vapes are a great way to enjoy a simple night out or as an important nicotine replacement option. They will continue to be a cornerstone of the vaping industry for years to come.

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